welcome to small shelves

Once, Small Shelves was a pop-up secondhand book-shop. These days, it is a page asking how we can rethink our consumption; the size and consequences of our “shelves”; our stuff; our waste.

Our answers will differ but they will also make differences in more than one way.

Consider wants vs needs. Consider what we’re told we need vs what is enough.
Consider how little others have. Consider taking action to live more lightly and meaningfully,
supporting/lobbying for policy changes,
building community,
and making more choices
that will leave this planet a better place because of them.

Ask often:

What can I do now,
where I am,
with what I have?

As a family/community:

What can we do now
where we are
with what we have?

If you come up with anything a little outside of the box I’d love to hear about it.